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Ugg For Men

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Ugg For Men

Sponsored by Zappos

I had a great opportunity with Zappos to showcase Uggs for men for the holidays!

As the balmy Texas temperatures gave way to cooler days, I seized the opportunity to pull out my Ugg Magnusson boots. People tend to think Uggs only offers the traditional lounge Ugg boot, but the footwear and accessories brand have an array of slippers, shoes, and boots to complement various styles.

I love the Magnussons because they are made with premium full grain leather with an oiled suede shaft which adds shine and provides a comfortable feel. The cotton and leather laces are a fitting final touch on the boot.


These boots can be dressed up or down, so I paired them with a distressed denim and fur lined trucker jacket. I always go about a full size down in boots because they run large so I went with a size 9. The Magnussons are a perfect gift to pick up for a friend or family member. Zappos offers super fast free shipping to get them before the holidays, with 365-day return policy. Head over to Zappos and check out all the different styles they have to offer.

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