Outfit Pop Pieces

Outfit Pop Pieces

Hey how's it going guys? Hope your week is going well. Today I want to talk to you guys about "Pop Pieces"

What is a Pop Piece? I define it as a piece you combine with simple garments to add the cherry on top. It's something that grabs the viewers attention " Wow that jacket is great! " Keeping them wondering all day where you got it from. Pop Pieces do not have to be expensive by any means. Example this leather jacket by FMC I picked up is now on sale for $59.99 USD ,it retails for around $150 USD. Which is a great steal for a quality jacket.



I paired it with some essentials, this black tee from Killon , black jeans from Rustic denim , and the Bred 1 Jordans. As you can see the jacket is the eye catcher with great art work added to the back courtesy of Ruben Burgess. Adding the "cherry" on top to complete the full look


For those in need of that key outfit changer, here's some great affordable upper alternative "Pop Pieces" you can add too your wardrobe to keep those on the outside wowed and eyes glued! 

Let me know what "Pop Pieces" you guys decide to pick up!




Thanks for reading