In Partnership with Uber: A Conversation with Taylor Fisher

 In Partnership with Uber: A Conversation with Taylor Fisher

I had the pleasure to partner with Uber to shed light on a powerful woman in my community - Taylor Fisher."


Women have been powerfully fierce (and responsible for so much great in our world) since the beginning of time,  and more of us should continue to elevate their stories. One way Uber is empowering women is with through the initiative to increase women driver-partners and have 1 million women driver-partners by 2020. Empowering women is so important, because that inspires other women to continue reaching. 


One powerful woman that is making a mark is my friend Taylor Fisher. Also known as @profashional_tay on Instagram, she has attracted over 37K followers with her unique, urban style and by being a brand ambassador for several well-known brands. She is more than just a model she is an active coach in the community, helping other up and coming models master their walks, poses, confidence etc. Since the day I met her she's been nothing but a positive impact. She displays her hustle through her Instagram stories daily. Working a full time job, and then chasing her passion after hours, shooting almost everyday from streetwear to high fashion she's the jack of all trades when it comes to fashion! Hands down she is a great example for young women. I know she is going to achieve great things in life.


 Head over to to learn more about Uber's initiatives to support diversity and inclusion for women.